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Donia Scicluna B Sc. (Psych)
Dip. Gestalt Therapy (GPTIM)
Member of BICA

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Are You trying to start your family but you are finding it difficult due to fertility problems?

In the struggle of infertility, you may feel that you are not getting the support that you need. People around you do not understand what you’re going through and think that you are making too much fuss out of the situation. Probably, it is not the first time that you’ve heard someone say that your unborn baby is ‘an angel in heaven’ and that you should not be sad about that.

Symptoms which may occur during your experience include:

  • Helplessness and feeling out of control
  • Feeling that your body has betrayed you every time you start your period or lost another pregnancy
  • You get upset when someone tells you that they’re pregnant or in a consultant’s waiting room full of pregnant women
  • You feel like crying when friends or family ask whether you’re still trying to get pregnant
  • You wish your partner would be more supportive and take a more active role in your fertility and conception treatments
  • You spend too much time worrying about becoming pregnant

Like other women struggling with infertility, you have a lot to deal with. To mention a few, you’re taking time off from work for doctor appointments, having pelvic exams, ultrasounds, injections, taking basal temperatures, timing intercourse, undergoing various diagnostic procedures, and so on. As if the cost and discomfort of solving the problems with fertility aren’t enough, you also have to deal with being on an emotional roller coaster.

Sometimes talking with family or friends just doesn’t help. You may feel that they are imposing a path that you don’t feel is right for you, you might think that they are judging you or your decision or however well-intentioned imposing their beliefs and values on you. I have a strong belief that we all have the tools to take control of our lives but we sometimes need help in finding them and need support to gain the confidence to use them effectively.

Sometime you might ask yourself ‘What Have I Done To Cause My Infertility?’ I used to ask myself that question all the time along with ‘What have I done to deserve this?’ or ‘Am I being punished for something I have done?’ It’s not unusual to revisit negative behaviours, thoughts, and feelings from your past and wonder if they are in some way related to your infertility. You may feel there is something wrong with your body and wonder if you have done something to cause infertility. You may feel guilty because you spent years focusing on your career rather than build a family.

Therapy gives you the opportunity:

  • To be listened to and supported to find your own path in the journey of fertility.
  • To gain insight and a better understanding of the problem.
  • To learn how to support each other as a couple in this journey of fertility.

As fertility Gestalt Therapist and a woman who went through treatment for fertility, I will help you regain a sense of control, help you balance your emotions, and help you deal with painful social situations and insensitive comments.

From my years of experience, I have seen different couples change from the beginning to the end of our therapy session. They would then be able to distinguish between the paths and choices which they have to take. They become more confident about the experience and in their last session they usually discuss with me whether they want to remain childless, adopt a child, or fostering a child.

I give much importance in providing a warm and welcoming environment, one that is confidential, non-judgmental and one that feels safe for you to explore your past, present and future. I do both couple and individual therapy.

The Journey of fertility Therapy